Free, web-based, and open-source software to engage students in systems thinking through designing, building, and revising models.

Simple Systems Modeling

An easy to use drag-and-drop tool for basic diagramming of the structure of a system or creation of static equilibrium or time-based dynamic models.
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Building Models

Skip the Equations

Create and run simulations without coding or writing mathematical formulas. Perfect for introducing system modeling at all levels.
Getting Started
SageModeler runs in your web browser. Start building your own system models now. Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, or Hebrew!

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Example Systems Models
Get inspired! Browse example models by model type (diagram, static equilibrium, and dynamic time-based), disciplinary topic, and grade level.

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Curricular Units
Explore curricular units that introduce modeling with SageModeler while iterating student understanding of scientific phenomena.

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SageModeler is a free, web-based systems dynamics modeling tool for middle and high school students to construct dynamic models. SageModeler is being developed at the Concord Consortium and the CREATE for STEM Institute at Michigan State University.